Monday, October 26, 2015

The Story of Ruth: Redeemed Part 1

This weekend I celebrated my 5th anniversary.  Oh there is so much to say about this man that I have been blessed to call my husband.  Though I feel God chose him for me at just the right time in our lives, I got to choose to say yes or no when he proposed.  It was my choice, though there was clearly a right answer as I loved him and desired to spend my life with him, I still made the choice.  God knows what choices we are going to make, yet he gives us the right to make those choices.  With Adam I am thankful to have chosen him for my husband.  I am also thankful to have chosen to follow God and that we choose to follow him in our marriage.  As we continue to lean into the book of Ruth we see how Ruth's choices affect her and Naomi.

Ruth and Naomi have found themselves in a situation as we round the bases and head to third in our study of Ruth.  They are without men, they have traveled to a foreign land and they are basically alone in this journey. Just the two of them at first and now we see Boaz enters the scene.  Back in the early Biblical days women did not get to choose their husbands and if they were widowed it was likely they would be passed down to the next relative in line (see Leviticus).  In Ruth's case she chose to stay with her mother in-law in the passing of her husband, with no option of being re-married.  Ruth chose a life of hardship to do what she felt was right.  At the end of chapter two we see Boaz has become fond of Ruth and is taking good care of her.  He is giving her extra food and goods and providing for her in many ways.  She has turned his head with her work ethic and good character.  Ruth doesn't get to choose her man as women were not held in high esteem at this time, however, Ruth got to choose what her actions were going to look like. She changed her life by choosing to stay with Naomi, by choosing God and by being a woman of good character. Ruth could have chosen the easy way, gone back with Orpah and lived a regular life safe in Moab.  Instead she chose a path less traveled that has led her to the threshing room floor (read Ruth Chapter 3).

During harvest time the owners of the fields would stay overnight to either work or guard their fields from thieves.  Boaz was this type of field owner, he was there guarding and working when Ruth came to the threshing floor to state her intentions.  This is not a sexual matter, it is easy in this day and time to say that Ruth was after Boaz here, but she wasn't.  Ruth was obeying and following the lead of a Godly woman to do what was the right next step. Ruth followed Naomi's instruction for indicating to Boaz that he could be her kinsman redeemer.  Laying at his feet showed Boaz that as a relative of Ruth's he could find someone to marry her or he could harry her himself.  (Boaz was a distant relative of Ruth's husband)  What an interesting thought, to lay at the feet of a distant relative to spur on the next relationship in your life, can you imagine! So, Boaz is flattered but in comes a curve ball. He informs Ruth; "I am not the next in line, but if this other guy is ok with it I'll have your hand in marriage. I will redeem you." (paraphrased for understanding).  We leave our girls Ruth and Naomi at the end of the chapter unsure of what will happen when Ruth is presented to this other relative.  Naomi is reassuring Ruth that Boaz will settle this matter quickly.

Where are we leaving you today?  Have you chosen the easy route?  Ruth's path has not been easy since she chose Naomi over returning with Orpah.  She's had to work hard and venture into the unknown, but she has displayed great character through this process.  I'm sure she had her doubts and days where she looked back towards Moab and longed for the path well traveled, but in the end she is blessed for her choice.  If you feel like the path you are on is not a good one you can choose to make a change!  I'm am telling you from experience the path less traveled is the best one to be on.  I do not believe a life well lived by God's standards is an easy one, but if you are following hard after God's leading you will be cared for by your Savior.  You will be poured into and loved on as Boaz has for Ruth.  He saw her choosing the right path, working hard and seeking good things and was led to provide for her out of what will we find out later is love.  God sees you girl, he wants you to lean into him so he can pour into you.  He's waiting for you to follow him whole-heartedly so he can redeem you in his love.  As in the case of our girl Ruth, choosing Him and seeking more of Him will change your life!

There's so much ahead of us as we close out Chapter 3 of Ruth and look towards Chapter 4!  I cannot wait to dive into the end of the book of Ruth with you this week!  We will also have a fun guest blog from my gal pal Leesa Mead author of Save a Skillet to close out this study, I cannot wait to hear from her, ya'll she's so good! Until then let's spend time this week praising God for his creation in us as FEARFULLY WONDERFULLY MADE girls in his image.

Much Love,

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