Saturday, August 13, 2011

Life in the fast lane

August 13, 2011

Everybody knows the chorus to the old song Life In the Fast Lane.  "Life in the fast lane, surrely gonna loose my mind..."  and I feel the pain of life in the fast lane right now.  I have spent the summer running around going here and there and everywhere.  Trying to keep my crazy work life from spinning out of control, while hanging on dearly to my home life.  Cohen started Pop Warner Football this month, and let me tell you, that is a huge commitment for a family.  It literally takes the entire family Ferrell and Fuller to keep that plate in the air.  Adding on top of that baby classes, kindergarten orientations, family visits, out of town trips, Tanner's tennis events, and working an average of 50 hours a week this summer is just about enough to send this pregnant girl over the edge.  At what point is Life in the Fast Lane too much?  When do we stop? When do we finally say no?  Does it always have to be when we are loosing our minds?  At the point when we have begun to scream at our kids, or be short with the staff at work or blame our husband for our lack of control?  As women we tend to spread ourselves so thin.  We always want to help each other, to be involved in our churches, have our kids in all the sports and activities they want to be in, but also have a full time job and a family life.  Sometimes it's just too much.  I have recognized in myself this summer that I need to find a way to say no sometimes.  To put my sanity, my family, and my relationship with God at a much higher level of importance than all that other mumbo jumbo that seems to be constantly taking center stage.  He says "Be still and know I am God".  So that is my goal over the next 5 weeks, in preparing for this HUGE change in our family, I need to be still so that I can hear my Savior calling and calming me. 

Friends, have you overloaded yourself this summer?  Do you need to say no to something to allow more time for Christ in your life?  He calls us to Him, but sometimes we are just too busy to hear.  I encourage you over the next few weeks as we enter into the fall season, to be still with me and join the sanity train for a while :)

Being Beautifully made doesn't mean we are called to be perfect.  It just means we are a Beautiful work in progress.  Blessings to you my Beautiful friends.

Much Love,

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