Sunday, September 4, 2011

Get Yo Blessing On!

Sunday September 4, 2011

It seems like there are times in my life where I feel God is blessing me and there are times when I feel like there's not a blessing in sight.  It's like I am standing in the dessert with not even a drop to drink.  I am sitting in the rocking chair in Dylan's room staring at his bed thinking of all the dreams that have come true in my life this year, reminding myself of all of the blessings.  In the past year I gained a husband, a step-son, an amazing extended family, and am just days away (hopefully) from adding a little boy to our crew.  There are people that go their entire lifetimes without having any of the blessings that I have received in just a years time.  As I sit here, thinking of all that, I am almost ashamed that I ever even have the audasity to complain or grumble.  It reminds me of the Isrealites in the dessert for all those years.  They were hungry and were fed, they were provided for and yet they always wanted more.  How is it that it's just never good enough for us?  We are always checking things off of our wish list and looking to God saying "Okay thanks for this, but now I want..."  At what point in life do we actually take time to sit and enjoy God's presence in our lives through the many blessings that He has bestowed on us?  Adam's Grandma, who I became very fond of these last few years, passed away this spring.  Roxie did so many things right, but one thing that comes to mind today is her ability to acknowledge and enjoy every blessing that God gave to her.  She was constantly reminding us what a blessing we were to her, how we were all her angels, how everyday was a gift.  There are so many reasons I look at her life to keep mine in check, but her outlook of God's provisions and blessings for her is always in my mind.  As I close this thought, I start back at the beginning, it is not that there is ever a time where God is not blessing me, it is only at those times that I am not looking at the correct picture.  God's blessings and love are all around us.  We are drowning in it daily.  It is only our near sightedness and humanity that clouds our vision and doesn't allow us to see the love that he bestows on us every minute of every day.  This week, I know I will find myself grumbling about the many negatives that come in the nineth month of pregnancy, I believe that God gave me this thought today to allow me to pull from this reminder of all my blessings, so that I can wrap myself in happiness and love instead of discontent. 

Thank you God for the blessings I see and may not see.  Thank you for the blessing of your love and the gift of your Son Jesus Christ, without which we would not have a relationship with you.  Please walk with all of us this week as we seek after your plan for our lives.  Help us Lord to be a blessing to one another. Amen.

May God's blessings and love be overwhelmingly evident in your life this week and in weeks to come. 

Much love to all of my Beautifully Made sisters and brothers in Christ,


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