Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Teenage Girls Waging Wars, What We Can Learn From Them

I was thrilled this weekend to be able to spend some time with the youth in our church at their DNOW weekend.  The Lord has truly called me to work with teenage girls and women as a form of ministry, so I love every minute I get to spend with these lovelies.  Since having baby boy #3, I get to spend less and less time pouring into this group of girls but I treasure these moments more now than I ever have.  These girls are precious and I learn so much from them.  I see someone I used to be.  Someone trying to find their identity, to stand up for what is right in a world where that is seen as un-cool and unpopular.  They are doing such a better job at all this than I did at their age.  They are truly in an epic battle in their schools.  Teenagers now are treated like and walk around as if they are adults.  They are making and living out some very adult decisions that I’m positive they aren’t ready or equipped for. 

I was one of those scary teenagers.  I did everything you shouldn’t do, I wore my parents out.  I dated the worst guys, I snuck out, I ran away, I did drugs, I drank,  I got expelled, I embarrassed my parents in ways that I can’t even believe, I lied, I cheated, I stole, seriously you name it I did it.  The thing is, I had a good loving home environment.  Sure my parents were divorced but both of the homes I lived in were full of love and support.  I didn’t want for anything, we didn’t have a lot of money but my parents provided and sacrificed so that I could have food, clothes, a house and play sports.  It’s amazing to me that they walked out of my teenage years alive, I’m sure that it was all God.  So these girls, the girls I get to hang out with and talk to and encourage, they are doing it. They are living life to the fullest, not giving in to those demons that I did, they are fighting enormous peer pressure to join the in crowd. To walk away from their values and do what is easy. To jump on the band wagon and do what feels good.  One of them spoke of a friend who they had encouraged to come to church that had responded saying they were too far gone in their sin to ever be able to walk into a church (this is a teenager mind you).  I swelled up with pride when she told the story of how she then referred back to the testimony of a youth helper, who told her story of a life lived in sin, how she thought she was so far gone but that she came back to the face of God and was welcomed with open arms as a daughter to the King.  I mean, how great is it that these sweet little teenagers are battling and fighting to help win over their friends to the kingdom of Heaven.  They are putting themselves out there in the name of the Lord, so inspiring for me, so convicting for me.  If my sweet youthies can go out there and proclaim the name of the Lord to all, if they can stand up and walk down the hallways, in the scariest place in our society (the high school) and firmly stand on the foundation of the Lord then we adults have no excuse.  These girls are in an epic battle, they are fighting off judgment from others, no being accepted by their peers, bullying, sexual pressures, pressures to cheat and lie to get ahead, drugs are rampant and easy to get, underage and binge drinking is common and deadly but still popular, cutting, hazing, where teenage pregnancy looks cool and isn’t scary and sleeping around is fine as long as you use protection.  This is what they are greeted with each day. Yet they hold their heads high and wear their Crosses and speak of a Jesus that is a Father to them, that they are daughters to the King. 

I have no excuse today to not proclaim the name of the Lord as Alex and Courtney do.  To wear it all over me, to fight the battles and wage war against the deceiver.  I am thankful for these two girls and what they have shown me, when I was supposed to lead them they were leading me.  Girls, fight against it. Wage the war.  Walk the halls strong and secure. For your riches will be great in Heaven.  You are winning souls ladies, you just may not see it today, and for you I have these verses:

Jude 1:24-25

24 Now unto him that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy,25 To the only wise God our Savior, be glory and majesty, dominion and power, both now and ever. Amen.

 His power is over all. He will hold you up and you will be faultless before the throne.

 If you have a teenage girl, a daughter or know one.  Hug them, listen to them, support them and read the Bible with them.  This is the sword they need to fight this daily battle. Some days it may be all they have to cling to, some days it may mean the difference between life and death both physically and spiritually.  Speak truth and live truth for them.  They need all the help they can get.

If you are reading this and you do not have a relationship with this King I speak of but want to know more, please send me a message I would love to talk to you.  If you are in the North KC, Liberty, Kearney area and would like your child to attend a church that has a great youth program, Providence Baptist has an AMAZING youth program that is teaching student’s truth in love.  We would love to see you on Sunday!

Friends, this day in age we need to be reminding the youth of their great value, that they are FEARFULLY WONDERFULLY and BEAUTIFULLY MADE in the image of the one true King, Christ Jesus, it may mean you need to believe for yourself first...

Much Love,


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